The Cliff Floyd Foundation

To better the lives of inner city children by helping them
achieve their goals in life.



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The Cliff Floyd Foundation

As Cliff’s media career began, so did his interest in philanthropy. in 2011 the Cliff Floyd Foundation was formed, and held it’s first event at the Newport Beachside Hotel Resort the night of the Major League Baseball All Star Game. With many former players like Charles Johnson, Tony Fernandez, Rondell White and Benito Santiago in attendance, Cliff was convinced his efforts could make a difference in helping build a brighter future for children in South Florida and all over the world.

Now a Host on Major League Baseball Network and SiriusXM Sattlite Radio a star is born yet again. As the President of the Foundation Cliff thanks you in advance for your support to his foundation, and the children it benefits. Cliff’s annual Bowling event, led by Nancy Olson is one of the most popular charitable events in all of South Florida. Nancy’s efforts to help grow the foundation have been invaluable.

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